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AMICELL: A multi-functional collagen for haircare & repair

Collagen is well-known to improve hair sheen and texture by restoring damaged parts. However, many products on the market fall short of adequately penetrating the hair follicle to restore structure and moisture.

In this webinar, we will discuss the long-lasting effects of AMICELL in the hair. By virtue of its low-molecular weight, this collagen delivers strength by penetrating through the splits of damaged hair activates within the strand without being washed away by water or heat.

Moreover, this patented material (Korea: 10-1394230 and Japan: 3720324) is a natural touch, eco-friendly CL-Colagen-Fiber Lubricant that protects skin including atopic dermatitis.

Key learning points:

  • The proven effects on hair such as: Improved texture, nourishment and gloss to rough hair
  • Application on synthetic wigs and boosting of natural texture
  • How the addition of fermented collagen and specialized binder within the ingredient maximises hair volume and moisture and protects the hair cuticle.


Chae Hong Pyo
Beautee Collagen