What if AI/ML can do most of CAMO/ Fleet Management/ Tech records tasks?

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Digital Transformation is real, and it is reshaping the industries at a pace never seen before. Aviation is no exception to this. In our last webinar on Digital Transformation in Aviation (You can access our on-demand recording here), we delved into the subject of digital shifts that are impacting the Aviation industry and how organizations need to ready themselves to embrace the shifts and gain most out of it.

In this webinar, we are going to present the digital technologies that are changing the way CAMO/ fleet management organizations & departments work and operate, especially on how automation is going to be the key for enabling Smart Records & Next-Gen Planning in Aviation. Additionally, we will touch upon how AI & ML infused solutions will disrupt the business functions such as the ones pertaining to avoiding repetitive tasks based on its historical evidences. We will also highlight how Ramco’s digital innovation would bring exponential value for the customers, in the specific areas of tech records and planning.