Gen Z and Millennials 2020

Gen Z and millennials – roughly those aged between four and 40 – are an important and influential group.

Never has so much energy been poured into exploring the likes and dislikes of a generation of shoppers. But with good reason.

Combined, these generations wield around $350 bn (£264 bn) of spending power in the United States alone – approximately $150 bn (£113 bn) by Gen Z and around $200 bn (£151 bn) by millennials – according to research by Mckinsey.

And by 2020, Gen Z will account for 40% of global consumers.

But what do these digital natives want from the fashion industry? How do they like to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories? What channels do they prefer - online, stores, or both? And how important are issues such as sustainability, diversity and equality to their spending?

This data-led consumer research report explores all this and more. From the evolving similarities and differences between them, to 2020 trends and Covid-19 related shifts, as well as where the opportunities lie for brands and retailers going forward.

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