Online event: The secrets of living a healthy life
Recorded on: 9 March 2021 

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Online event: The secrets of living a healthy life
Recorded on: 9 March 2021 


Much of our thinking about health is based on wishful thinking. But science offers clear and simple advice for a healthy life. Graham Lawton explores the evidence.

Graham is living proof that you don’t have to be a health and fitness fanatic to be reasonably healthy and ft. The aim of this talk is to cut through the noise. Graham has rounded up the latest and most rigorous health research and converted it into useful, actionable advice on all the big health questions: nutrition, diet, weight loss, hydration, exercise, preventative medicine, sleep and ageing.

Graham, New Scientist Features Writer, is not your typical health guru. He doesn’t have a diet plan, a YouTube channel to promote or a 6-week program to get you fit and thin. But he does have a much better weapon: science.

A self-confessed overweight, lazy slob, Graham loves beer and fast food and the odd crafty fag outside a pub. He can’t remember the last time he drank fewer than 14 units of alcohol in a week. He has a gym membership but rarely uses it. And he takes medication to keep his blood pressure under control.

But here’s another thing. Last year Graham cycled over 1,200 miles and ran the equivalent of 15 marathons. He eats his five portions of fruit and veg a day, stays hydrated, and doesn’t eat meat. He fasts regularly, goes outdoor swimming, does Pilates and walks up eight flights of stairs to his desk instead of taking the lift. Despite all the bad habits, his good ones seem to be winning. Graham is 50, but his “biological age” was recently measured as 45.

On the way he’ll explain the basic science, debunk common myths, give you the tools you need to critically evaluate claims and counterclaims and help you to see beyond the headlines. This talk will empower you to eat healthily, lose weight, and sort the fads from science facts.



Graham Lawton
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