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8th August
3pm BST

In our next webinar we discuss what your team can do to keep with the changing nature of work. Plus insights on managing workflow, stress levels and mental health within your team

Digitisation has changed the way we work. The modern, digital workplace looks very different from that of ten years ago. Today digital natives make up almost half of the workforce. Contract work and dispersed teams are more popular than ever and these changes demand more collaborative, fast-paced work in a more flexible environment. But this new way of working comes with its own set of challenges.

In this webinar, David Lesue, Creative Director at Workfront and CR Editor Patrick Burgoyne will discuss the three most important traits your team must have to stay ahead of the game. Plus we’ll touch upon

  1. How to create an agile, integrated way of working
  2. How mini goals and milestones can help keep morale up when working on long term or iterative digital projects
  3. How putting proper workflow systems in place can help manage stress levels and mental health
David Lesué
Creative Director
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Patrick Burgoyne
Creative Review
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