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Accelerating Biology: New Product Innovations from 10x Genomics  

Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Multicellular organisms and dynamic biological processes consist of a complex and coordinated interplay of multiple individual cells. Until recently, most molecular studies have relied on bulk analysis, combining all cells into a single average readout. In recent years, single cell RNA sequencing technologies have enabled researchers to study development and disease at the level of individual cells, revealing cell-to-cell gene expression differences that were obscured with bulk or low throughput methods.

Beyond gene expression profiles, a cell’s phenotype is also driven by genotype, epigenetic regulatory mechanisms and protein expression. In order to address these multiple dimensions of complex biological systems, 10x genomics has introduced a suite of single cell sequencing solutions that address the full spectrum of cellular phenotypes. This webcast will introduce our new and improved products for analyzing gene expression, protein expression, chromatin accessibility, and genetic copy number variation, all at single cell resolution.

During this webcast you will:

  • Find out how the Single Cell CNV Solution provides high resolution information to reveal genomic heterogeneity and study clonal evolution.
  • Learn about new biological discoveries enabled by the Single Cell Gene Expression Solution, now get up to a 2-fold increase in gene sensitivity with the new version 3.
  • Understand how the Single Cell Feature Barcoding technology integrates cellular protein and transcriptome measurements into a single-cell readout.
  • Find out how you can profile the open chromatin landscape of thousands of individual nuclei using the Single Cell ATAC solution.

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