How do you prefer your Brew?  LCMS and GCMS approaches to flavor discovery of coffee

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Tune in as Dr. Devin Peterson, distinguished Professor of Food Science at The Ohio State University, and Matt Curtis, Agilent GCMS scientist, tickle your senses with these exciting presentations discussing flavor profiling of coffee. 

Dr. Peterson has worked expansively in flavor research to identify the molecular underpinnings of the sensory attributes of food. He will explain why the historical approach of focusing on characterizing aroma attributes to define flavor are incomplete and has limited outcomes. In addition, he will discuss newly developed ‘untargeted’ (comprehensive) chemical fingerprinting methods, coupled with multivariate analysis to advance our understanding of food flavor.

Matt Curtis has extensively studied the diverse profile of flavors produced from several chemical reactions during the roasting process of coffee beans. His work involves comparing and identifying the fragrance differences with high confidence using accurate mass, high resolving power, and accurate isotope ratios. The presentation will include the optimizations of the sample introduction, GC, and MS to ensure a high confidence in the identification of the components that are found to be enhanced or reduced depending on the roast.

Dr. Devin Peterson
The Ohio State University
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Matt Curtis
GC/MS Application Scientist
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Purnendu C. Vasavada, PhD
Wiley Moderator

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