Harnessing neoantigens for individualized cancer immunotherapy

Monday July 20, 2020 8am PDT/ 11am EDT

Neoantigens resulting from the presentation of mutated peptides on MHC molecules are attractive therapeutic targets: they are tumor specific, they elicit CD8 and CD4 T cell responses by being recognized as foreign by the immune system, and there is emerging evidence that neoantigens are drivers of protective immunity to cancer. A challenge with harnessing neoantigens is that most neoantigens are patient tumor specific and require the development of individualized immunotherapy. In this seminar, Dr. Delamarre will provide an overview of the approaches targeting neoantigens currently in development, and will discuss the rules defining immunogenic neoepitopes and the current efforts aimed at improving neoantigen selection methods. Finally, she will present her team’s efforts to define mechanistic drivers of efficacy following vaccination from preclinical studies with the RNA-LPX vaccine.

Who should attend: researchers interested in learning more about cancer neoantigens and individualized therapies.

What you will learn:

- What cancer neoantigens are and their characteristics

- On-going efforts to improve neoantigen selection methods

- The challenges and opportunities of individualized cancer immunotherapies targeting neoantigens

- Learnings from preclinical studies with the RNA-LPX vaccine

Lélia Delamarre, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Cancer Immunology Department
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Alejandro Montenegro-Montero, Ph.D.
Current Protocols, Wiley
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