24 Days of Stem Cells 

October 1 – November 1, 2019


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The world’s largest virtual stem cell event, 24 Hours of Stem Cells, is growing. This year Thermo Fisher Scientific in partnership with Wiley’s Current Protocols brings you 24 days full of the latest advances in stem cell research and technology

This year’s virtual event will feature new content each day for 24 days throughout the month of October – starting October 1,2019.

Each week will be focused on a key application of stem cell research including:

  • Pluripotent stem cell workflow methods and solutions
  • Stem cell based disease models
  • The generation and characterization of 3D cell culture models
  • Stem cell based therapies

During this premier global event, you can:

  • Access leading scientific presentations from thought leaders and prominent researchers around the world
  • Watch live training demonstrations from our stem cell expert
  • Download key stem cell tools and resources
  • Complete weekly tasks and challenges to earn points and win prizes

The virtual venue will provide education, inspiration and networking opportunities with the global stem cell community. Join us for FREE starting October 1, 2019!

Read a full event agenda at 24daysofstemcells.com