The business benefits of AV over IP

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AV over IP – A Game Changer

AVoIP represents the future of AV as individual technologies evolve into integrated ecosystems and managed AV services. Success will depend on you working with IT effectively to make sure you’re on top of everything - including AV/IT integration, as AV is now seen as an essential utility for business continuity, and the dreaded word -security.

What’s for certain is it's a development in the AV industry you can’t ignore any longer. It will affect how you do business and extract the best from your AV investments, so in this webinar we’re taking the bull by the horns and delving into the approach you should be taking when exploring AVoIP - evaluating, implementing and managing our technologies and services.

Everything you design for will change — meeting rooms, classrooms, boardrooms, churches, digital signage networks, museums, auditoriums, live events.

In these difficult times, new ways of working are not going to go away when normality returns, so will remote working accelerate the adoption to AVoIP? What does AVoIP really mean to users? How can it support the business?

Don’t miss out on AV Magazine’s Live Webinar and Q&A session. We are joined by experts from Audinate, Bose and Newtek to delve deeper into the business benefits of AVoIP.


Liam Hayter
Senior Solutions Architect
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Julian Carro
Account Director, System Solutions EMEA
Jon Schau
Emerging Technology
Bose Professional
Clive Couldwell
Group Editor
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