How Unconscious Bias Affects Our Decisions

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This webinar is about how our brains work and how we process information at an unconscious level. In particular, we will look at how this process can influence our conscious thinking without us realising and lead to biases.

Of course, we all think and see things differently: our thoughts are unique. However, are brains operate in similar ways and so there are patterns to our thinking that strongly influence the conclusions we draw. In some circumstances, these conclusions are flawed: affected by the way our unconscious mind operates. Crucially, we are unaware of these errors but the patterns are predictable. This webinar explores the biases that result and the way they can influence our choices.

Who should attend?
Everyone is prone to the biases that result from the way our brains function so this webinar is for anyone interested in understanding their biases and the thought processes that lead to them.

How will I benefit?
Attending this webinar will help you to develop:

  • A better understanding of how our brains process information
  • A knowledge of some of the predictable errors, or biases, that are built in to the way we think
  • Strategies for compensating for some of the mistakes that we make

Key topics

  • What is unconscious bias and what causes it
  • The role our unconscious plays in developing habits
  • Examples of some of the better known biases
  • How these biases can lead to ‘sub-optimal’ decision
Dan Sanders
Business Development Manager
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Paul Taylor
Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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