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Quantitative approaches in discovery proteomics: How do they measure up?

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Mass spectrometry-based proteomics offers unbiased, systems-level insights to biological systems. Proteomics has the potential to characterize the structure, function, and activity of protein components at unparalleled depth. Quantitative discovery approaches allow not only the identification of various protein components within these systems but also their abundance levels, or expression status. A variety of techniques and methodologies are employed to survey and quantify proteomes in discovery mode.

This webcast provides an overview of these current state-of-the art techniques utilized in the field of quantitative discovery proteomics. The speakers will cover the basic principles of the most common quantitative workflows including label-free and isobaric labeling approaches. Their discussion will focus on a comparative study, conducted to objectively evaluate the performance of the quantitative approaches using the latest-generation mass spectrometry instrumentation and analysis tools. The participants will hear about practical aspects of each workflow, current data analysis tools to streamline data processing, and statistical methodology to determine quantitative performance. Ultimately, participants will be able to set reasonable expectations for each approach and select the appropriate workflow for their experimental objectives.

During this webcast the speakers will provide:

  • An overview of quantitative discovery proteomics approaches including data-dependent (DDA), data-independent (DIA), and multiplexed isobaric labelling. 
  • Practical comparison of the workflows: time considerations for sample preparation, study preparation, data acquisition and data analysis.
  • Statistical analysis to evaluate various performance metrics of each workflow. 
  • Considerations for selecting the optimal quantitative approach for your study. 

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Aaron Gajadhar
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Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Dr. Olga Vitek
Associate Professor
Northeastern University
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Dr. Meena Choi
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Northeastern University
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