Five steps to improve multi-generational interaction and millennial workforce retention

13 August 12:30pm

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During this webinar, you will learn what you need to do to build effective, sustainable working relationships across the generations (with a slight slant towards millennials who are an increasing proportion of our workforce), and to ensure that every generation is retained, flourishes, and works successfully together.


After this webinar you will be able to

  • Use changes to workplaces and practices of the future to get the most from different generations as both colleagues and clients.
  • List the characteristics of the millennial workforce in terms of motivators, expectations, and potential, understand the characteristics of the other generations and how they all interact
  • Define how best to manage/lead a millennial employee and what to expect if you find yourself being led/manged by one.


Who should attend?

Anyone interested in understanding how to get the most from the various generations in the workplace, including millennials. Either as manager/leader, colleague or customer.



Phill Slater