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Using single-cell profiling to investigate lung immune responses in mild and critical COVID-19 patients

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The synchronization of innate and adaptive lung immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 during COVID-19 pneumonitis is poorly understood. In this webcast, the speaker will describe applying single-cell profiling to bronchoalveolar lavages from patients with mild or critical COVID-19 versus non-COVID-19 pneumonia as a control, and how this research is furthering understanding of lung-localised immunity and the inflammation landscape during COVID-19.

Learn about:

  • How single-cell immune profiling techniques has been used to investigate innate and adaptive immune responses to COVID-19
  • Distinguishing cellular, molecular, and inflammatory features of mild and severe COVID-19
  • How local immune populations and other cell types coordinate to facilitate successful lung tissue repair or contribute to the pathophysiology of COVID-19–associated fibrosis and pneumonitis
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Dr. Diether Lambrechts
Full Professor of Medicine, Dept. of Human Genetics Science Director and Group Leader, Center for Cancer Biology (CCB)
KU Leuven
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Moderator: Sarah Hiddleston
Science Journalist
Nature Research for Nature Middle East
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