Industry 4.0 and the Power of the Digital Twin for a Systems Approach to Machine Design

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The world of industrial automation is undergoing a major transformation often referred to as the "Next Industrial Revolution" or "Industry 4.0". To join this revolution, manufacturers are being forced to challenge their own assumptions of traditional design processes and practices. Abandoning the “build it and tweak it” approach, manufacturers must begin to implement rigorous systems-design processes that accommodate the complexities of developing multi-disciplinary systems.

A Digital Twin can have several benefits including the ability to run in-line with the real machine to enable rapid task-planning and early detection of potential problems. By integrating a Digital Twin of the machine design on a real-time platform as a Functional Mockup Unit (FMU), the virtual machine can be configured and tested in parallel with the real machine to accelerate the commissioning process, reduce risks and decrease costs.

Join this webinar to:

  • Hear how early adopters are already benefiting from the power of the Digital Twin as part of their Industry 4.0 strategy
  • Learn how B&R Automation, a recognized leader in factory and automation software and systems, is using MapleSim on their Automation Studio platform
  • Understand how to accelerate the commissioning process, reduce risks and decrease costs.
Paul Goossens
Vice President of Engineering Solutions
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Kurt Zehetleitner
Technical Manager
B&R Industrial Automation
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