An insight into Chic Retreats' growth strategy

Live webinar: Monday 14th May 2018 at 2.00pm (BST)

For the discerning traveller, Chic Retreats is an online marketplace that matches them to amazing small independent boutique hotels from around the world, helping them to uncover the hidden gems.

For the small independent boutique hotel operator, Chic Retreats offers a comprehensive digital marketing and technology platform, which assists in the optimisation of rooms, rates and availability management, providing a digital marketing toolset to maximise their visibility and bookings.

Currently live and raising investment on the GrowthFunders platform, we're delighted to have Amir Azulay, CEO of Chic Retreats, join us for his second webinar, this time to provide a greater insight into the company's growth strategy and their focus post-investment.

Giving interested investors further information on Chic Retreats' plans for growth and success, in this 30 minute webinar, Amir will join Jordan Dargue (Investment and Operations Director, GCV) and Dan Smith (Head of Digital, GCV) and will cover:

  • Amir's vision and plans to further grow and develop the Chic Retreats services and solutions
  • How Chic Retreats are capitalising on the $15.8 billion USD per year boutique hotel industry
  • An overview of the financial element of the investment opportunity and how the investment will be utilised
  • The company's future plans and their exit strategy

Finishing with a live Q&A, the webinar is set to offer potential investors an in-depth overview of the Chic Retreats investment opportunity and the company's growth strategy.

Amir Azulay
Chic Retreats
Jordan Dargue
Investment and Operations Director
Growth Capital Ventures
Dan Smith
Head Of Digital
Growth Capital Ventures

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