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A practical approach to SDMA beyond CKD

SDMA is more than just a chronic kidney disease biomarker. It is more sensitive and more reliable than creatinine and is an earlier indicator of progressive kidney function loss due to acute or chronic disease. SDMA provides value in wellness testing and in evaluations other than wellness examinations, a topic that will include analysis of a new data set. An elevated SDMA can also be an indicator of concurrent diseases that can secondarily impact kidney function and should be investigated.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explaining how SDMA is a biomarker of GFR and how it can add value in traditional diagnostics in kidney disease in well and sick patients.
  • Assessing what next steps should be taken when SDMA is increased.
  • Illustrating the application of updated IRIS guidelines and how to use creatinine for staging CKD.
  • Reviewing clinical cases for diagnosing & monitoring of kidney disease.


Dr. Robert DuFort

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