Achieving insights into the microstructure of materials across several length scales in three dimensions is key in today’s microscopy workflows. This webinar will focus on a collection of 3D acquisition techniques, in particular touching:

  • Confocal light microscopy
  • Focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM)
  • X-ray microscopy
  • Correlative workflows
The design of multi-scale correlative imaging experiments and the acquisition of 3D data over multiple microscopy modalities are described by means of application examples such as
  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Energy materials
What you will learn:
  • how to image and measure surface topography with light microscopic contrasting techniques and combine them with surface topography in a confocal light microscope,
  • how to acquire 3D FIB-SEM data with speed, ease and best z-resolution
  • how to span multiple length scales non-destructively in 3D with X-ray microscopy, including absorption contrast, phase contrast and diffraction contrast tomography
  • how to build unique correlative multiscale workflows that span these 3D modalities, using Atlas 5, a powerful data acquisition and multi-scale correlation tool.
Dr. Arno Merkle
Senior Manager - Materials Science
ZEISS Microscopy
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Dr. Fabián Pérez-Willard
Market Segment Manager
ZEISS Microscopy
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