Optimising customer journeys and the role of smart martech 

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In the summer of 2020, consultant, Dan Barker, wrote that ''...nebulous, and in some cases meaningless, talk of 'AI' has been replaced by (at least for now) its outcome: processes & algorithms built into tools, to quietly improve your results...''

That may sound deceptively simple, but how easy is it to implement these features as part of a joined-up customer experience?

Join this webinar to hear from Iain Noakes Former VP Effectiveness Marketing & Optimisation at The Economist and Coveo Business Lead Ben Wild, as we discuss:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Linking up martech
  • If AI and relevance should be the priority for your business

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Ben Davis
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Ben Wild
Business Lead
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Iain Noakes
Former VP Effectiveness Marketing & Optimisation
Formerly of The Economist