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Channel A&E: Align and Energise for 2021

Originally Aired 16th December 2020

Everyone’s business plans are changing next year and in most, sales channels play an increasingly important role:

  • Are your direct sales now travel restricted?
  • Does 80% of your Partner’s revenue come from 20% of your Partners?
  • Do you have gaps in your global market coverage?
  • Do your digital channels only go 70% of the sales journey?
  • The alignment of your Business Plans and Partner Portfolio is key to energising the delivery of your sales

About the webinar:

In this webinar, Sam Ferri and John Miller will take you through the key steps required to successfully align and energise your sales channel in 2021

What you will learn:

  • Why it is important to set realistic business targets and use performance benchmarking
  • How to align your channels: Direct, Digital and Partners to deliver your plans
  • How to select and energise your Partner channels
  • Get ready to implement the key elements of the process, set benchmarks, supporting apps and resources to get started for success in 2021


Sam Ferri
Director of Channel Services
John Miller
Delta Channel Services