Connective Tissue-Specific Stem and Progenitor Cells: from Biology to the Clinic, Challenges and Advances

Originally Aired June 18, 2019

Connective tissue-specific stem and progenitor cells (also known as mesenchymal stormal/stem cells or MSCs) have been the subject of clinical testing for various conditions, but the outcomes of advanced clinical trials have fallen short of expectations raised by encouraging pre-clinical animal data in a wide array of disease models. A universal definition for MSCs has eluded the field, as these cells are quite diverse, both in their base characteristics as well as their response to external cues. This diversity presents both a challenge and an opportunity for basic research applications.

In this Cell Press Webinar, Pamela Robey (NIH), James Ankrum (University of Iowa), and Jacques Galipeau (University of Wisconsin in Madison) discuss the biological and pharmacological disparities in pre-clinical research and human translational studies with an eye to therapeutic potential and MSC regulatory approval.

Pamela Robey
Senior Investigator NIDCR
Acting Scientific Director of the NIH Stem Cell Characterization Facility
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James Ankrum
Principal Investigator Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center, University of Iowa
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Jacques Galipeau
Professor of Oncology, and Associate Dean for Therapeutics Development at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health
Department of Medicine and UW Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Wisconsin in Madison
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Moderator: Claudia Willmes
Editor, Trends in Molecular Medicine

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