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The Glass House: anonymity and data exposure in an AI world

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All organizations live in a Glass House. From ISP’s to content delivery networks to website advertising, all commercial internet activity is being tracked, collected and monetized by a highly-automated data broker marketplace. However, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is exposing fused, rich intelligence from that data at an alarming rate. Institutions are at greatest risk: commercial, research and governments. How does a company protect and safeguard its most sensitive activities when so much data is automatically correlated? How do you ensure organizational data protection while still embracing the value of AI and data sharing?

Join Nicholas Donofrio - IBM Fellow Emeritus - IBM EVP Innovation (ret.) and Kristopher Schroeder, Founder and CEO of Grey Market Labs, for a discussion on:

- Laying out the challenges and threats to organizations from AI-enabled internet data exploitation
- Discussing the impacts of artificial data to organizations and their stakeholders
- Highlighting case studies from Fortune 500 and the U.S. Federal government
- A roadmap toward using AI for proactive data privacy and protections




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Nicholas Donofrio
IBM Fellow Emeritus
IBM EVP Innovation
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Kristopher Schroeder,
Founder and CEO
Grey Market Labs
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