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Private Brand Success: Agility is critical, safety a must. Technology is key.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 2:00PM Eastern

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Over the past ten years sales of store-branded food products have soared as consumers rely on them more and more to meet their daily needs. COVID 19 and changing consumer behaviors are creating new opportunities for retailers to build on this growth by rapidly launching innovative new products under their own brand. The ability to quickly formulate, package and launch the right product can generate huge rewards, but it also strains supply chains and increases the risk of adulteration with food safety hazards. The key to success is being able to move fast while still managing all the complexities and risks of launching safe, new products.

Join us for this informative free webinar where our panel of experts will explore recent trends in private brands, as well as the latest technologies for efficiently launching and managing new products, including an integrated, collaborative cloud-based approach that can accelerate speed to market while increasing transparency, supplier visibility and safety.

Participants will learn

  • Keys to a successful private brand program
  • Current consumer preferences and trends
  • The latest technology for managing ingredient hazards
  • How automation can increase speed to market while reducing recall risk


Carl Jorgensen
Sr. Vice President
Linkage Research & Consulting
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Doug Macdonald
Business Development Manager
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Ron Stakland
Sr. Director of Business Development
FoodChain ID, Inc
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