The Pilot’s Checklist: Cover your six

Originally Aired: March 11, 2019

More and more often, we hear about another high-profile cybersecurity breach or ransomware attack at a large, well-known organization.
When it comes to nailing security fundamentals and suppressing operational risk, security professionals today can learn a thing or two from the elite pilots that have dominated the skies since World War II.
Join us and Carbon Black Security Strategist Jason Madey as we walk you through the pilot’s checklist and discuss how a forty-thousand-foot view keeps your organization safer from cyberattacks. In this webcast you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your fleet in line with unfiltered visibility
  • The art of systemically identifying gaps before it’s too late
  • What historical approaches for suppressing risk mean for us today
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Jason Madey
Security Strategist
Carbon Black
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