The power of ultra-high content and 3D imaging for the identification and characterisation of new CAR T cell targets

May 22nd, 08:00 PT; 11:00 ET; 16:00 UK; 17:00 CET

CAR T cells have been recently approved by numerous international drug agencies for the treatment of haematological malignancies with tremendous results. However, there is a lack of diversity of tumour-associated antigens with these CAR T cell products. Identification and characterization of novel tumour antigens is required to expand tumour antigen repertoire that can be used with CAR T or engineered TCR T cells into new malignancies, including solid tumours.
The focus of this webinar will be on new ultra-high content and 3D imaging technologies that enable you to rapidly and precisely identify and characterize novel tumour antigens. These novel tumour antigens can be used to discover new targets for CAR T or engineered TCR T cells products.
  • Visualisation of hundreds of markers from one single sample using a new fully automated imaging process
  • Light-sheet Microscopy for three-dimensional visualisation and characterization of tumour antigens in large tissue samples
  • Testing and validating novel tumour antigens for cell and gene therapy
Dr Olaf Hardt
Manager R&D
Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
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Dr Uwe Schröer
Senior Product Manager
LaVision BioTec GmbH – A Miltenyi BioTec Company
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