Ensuring Bioretention Media Performance Success. Originally Aired: September 20, 2017

Participants Earn One Professional Development Hour

Engineered bioretention media is optimized to filter and/or infiltrate stormwater runoff through a plant-soil-microbe complex. Treatment occurs via physical, chemical and biological removal mechanisms that capture sediment, nutrients, heavy metals, bacteria, oil, grease and other constituents found in urban runoff. Qualifying and protecting these media components ensures the bioretention media can meet overall performance objectives.
A successful bioretention installation involves oversight of media production, not just onsite construction and installation. This webinar will focus on the framework necessary to transfer raw materials to a blended, commercially installed product. This framework should encompass standard operating procedures (SOPs) for qualifying, sourcing, verifying, producing, storing, and handling media and media specifications to ensure recipe consistency.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role engineered media plays in the overall performance of a bioretention system.
  • Understand the importance of proper sourcing, producing, and storage of engineered media to ensure optimal performance.
  • Understand the role that specifications, QA/QC, and certification play in the consistent production of engineered bioretention media.

About Contech Engineered Solutions:
Contech provides a wide range of subsurface infiltration, detention and rainwater harvesting solutions to eliminate or detain runoff.  If treatment is needed, their landscape-based biofiltration or subsurface filtration designs can fit into virtually any site and can be tailored to address specific pollutants. The result is an efficient design process, the right product, more land space savings and faster permitting. 

Contech's team of storm water design engineers, regulatory managers and local storm water consultants provide expert advice and assistance to satisfy any project's objectives and constraints.


Mindy Hills, CPSWQ
R&D Project Manager
Contech Engineered Solutions
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