Why Chic Retreats are becoming the true online champion of boutique hotels

Live webinar: Thursday 31st May 2018 at 2.00pm (BST)

On Monday 21st May, Amir Azulay (CEO, Chic Retreats) presented Chic Retreats to a room of potential investors at the stunning Haymarket Hotel in London. Providing a brilliant insight into why Chic Retreats are becoming the true champion of boutique hotels, it offered attendees the ability to hear about the explosive growth of the boutique hotel segment of the travel industry and understand how Chic Retreats are capitalising on the opportunity.

Providing data, insights and information that shows the size of the opportunity, we're hosting this webinar to allow all those who were unable to make the event to hear from Amir on everything that was covered.

In this 30 minute session, Amir will:

  • Address the market opportunity
  • Detail the major obstacles boutique hotels are struggling to overcome when it comes to their online presence
  • Provide insights into the Chic Retreats approach and what makes their proposition so unique

Allocating time once more for a live Q&A session, all webinar attendees will have the opportunity to ask Amir specific questions related to Chic Retreats, the boutique hotel industry and their current EIS-eligible investment opportunity.

Offering potential investors with a direct view of Chic Retreats and the market problem they are addressing, the webinar is set to once again be both insightful and informative.

Amir Azulay
Chic Retreats
Jordan Dargue
Investment and Operations Director
Growth Capital Ventures
Dan Smith
Head Of Digital
Growth Capital Ventures

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