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Artificial intelligence and the Middle East

26th March 2019

Led by tech giants such as Amazon, artificial intelligence (Ai) is already transforming the way we shop, how we bank, and even the way we write. It is emerging rapidly in our healthcare systems, manufacturing processes and water and electricity supplies. Ai applications are even beginning to be considered in the delivery of infrastructure, oil & gas and construction projects, industries that are traditionally slow to innovate.
Ai will change everything. Jobs and processes that are core today, will be gone tomorrow. New skills will be required in replace old practices. And people and companies must develop new ways to work with customers, suppliers and even competitors.
The Ai revolution is underway but many people and organizations remain unaware of the significance Ai is set to have in shaping their future. Anyone failing to engage with the implications of Ai will be left behind.  
You can learn about the significance of Ai in the Middle East by registering now to attend MEED’s latest live-streamed webinar: Artificial intelligence and the Middle East.
Delivered in association with technology giant Cisco, Artificial Intelligence and the Middle East considers the latest developments in Ai and what they mean for companies in the Middle East.   
Artificial Intelligence in the Middle East gives you the opportunity to learn more about the impact of Ai on society, business and the economy of the region, and how you can prepare for it.  
Featuring an exclusive panel of experts from across the region, Artificial intelligence looks at where the Middle East is today in the context of Ai development. And it considers the opportunities and challenges for business and government.
Artificial intelligence and the Middle East also gives you the exclusive opportunity to have your questions answered about artificial intelligence in the Middle East.

Topics to covered in Artificial Intelligence and the Middle East include:

  • What is Ai? And is it really here already?
  • Where is the Middle East on Ai? Is Ai an opportunity for the region? Or a Big Problem
  • How will Ai change the way we live and work in the region?
  • What does Ai mean for business in the Middle East? And for government?
  • What are the challenges facing us as Ai takes over? And how should we respond?
  • Where can we expect to see ai in action in the coming years?
  • What technologies will be enabled by Ai? Machine learning? Blockchain? Augmented and virtual reality? Cybersecurity?
Massimo Cannizzo
Managing Director
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Osama Al-Zoubi
Chief Technology Officer
Cisco Middle East and Africa
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Ernesto Damiani
Khalifa University Center for Cyber Physical Systems
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Richard Thompson
Editorial Director
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