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The Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Model and Its Strategic Roles in QRA2 and the RIFM Safety Assessment Program

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Learn more about the Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Model and an in-depth review of the Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA2). Learn how QRA2 changed from QRA1 and how we use the Creme RIFM Model in the QRA2. We will also focus on how the Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Model is used to derive Maximum Acceptable Concentrations based on all toxicological endpoints in the RIFM Safety Assessments.


Professor Aristidis Tsatsakis
Director of the Department of Forensic Sciences & Toxicology
Medical School, University of Crete
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Anne Marie Api, PhD
Vice President
Research Institute for Fragrance Materials
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John O’Brien, PhD
Head of Data Modelling and Statistics
Creme Global
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