Advancing Access: How Healthcare Organizations are Using Telehealth to Expand Mental Health Services

Originally aired on November 21, 2019

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A shortage of behavioral health providers combined with an increasing prevalence of mental health disorders has created a national access issue that healthcare organizations are struggling to address. Telemedicine can play a critical role in addressing the problems associated with mental health access—from long wait times and high no-show rates, to unnecessary ED admissions and provider burnout.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from two top healthcare organizations who have developed unique behavioral health telemedicine programs to expand access and address common issues.

Behavioral Healthcare Providers, a non-profit behavioral healthcare organization, provides virtual behavioral crisis assessment services in more than 30 locations, including emergency departments assisted living facilities and schools. Through its program, Behavioral Healthcare Providers has reduced unnecessary admissions and improved mental health access for patients.

Children’s Health, a pediatric health system in Dallas, has a large patient population, 75% of whom are insured by Medicaid. To care for its large pediatric population, the health system developed a diverse telehealth program that includes innovative mental health initiatives such as a teen substance abuse recovery program and school-based telebehavioral health. Through these programs, Children’s Health has greatly expanded critical access to patients, allowing them to get care where and when they need it.

Register for the webinar to learn how these two organizations implemented and grew these virtual behavioral health programs, and the impact they’ve had on patients, providers and the organization.


Rebecca Foster
Director of Operations
Behavioral Healthcare Providers
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Tamara Perry
Senior Director of Telehealth Operations
Children's Health
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Charles R. Doarn, Moderator
Research Professor Department of Environmental Health MPH
Program Director College of Medicine University of Cincinnati
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