How to Succeed and Drive Business Growth in the FeedbackEconomy

February 26, 3pm

In the fight for new revenue in an increasingly competitive environment, companies must grab the opportunity to differentiate by focusing efforts on delivering customer-centric experiences. Today, those that know how to tune in to the voice of their customers are mastering the Feedback Economy.The Feedback Economy presents a vital opportunity for companies to either succeed or fall flat.

With consumer demands increasing, offering on the mark experiences is vital, and feedback holds immense power in understanding why users behave as they do. While companies earn the chance to improve from continuous feedback, they must also deliver what customers expect in return. Companies that ignore the reality of the Feedback Economy are at a greater risk of revenue loss: losing customers, visitors and even employees.

In this webinar, we’ll tell you more about the Feedback Economy, and the who, what and how of staying ahead of it. Whether your role is Marketing, CX, Digital & Innovation or Product, we dive into what the Feedback Economy means for you and how you can best prepare for it by investing in strong CX.

Join us on February 26 at 3pm to find out more. 

Matt Barker
Features Writer
Marketing Week
Nindi Kalsi
Channel Sales Manager

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