Unlock Capacity While Strengthening Network Security Postures: Optimizing and Accelerating SSL Traffic

Tuesday, April 6 at 11:00 AM Eastern

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When More Bandwidth isn’t enough; How NTS and Riverbed Can Get Your Apps Running Like New Again, Without Compromising Security. 

The delicate balance between performance and security goes back thousands of years. In the same way ancient armies had to balance aggressive warfare tactics with the ability to protect their flanks, the desire to squeeze more and more performance out of our technology infrastructure can lead to either real or perceived security vulnerabilities.

We can fix that. And we can do it without telling you to buy more bandwidth.

Over the last several years, DoD networks have faced significant tests on their ability to meet the needs of mission-critical users. From an exponential increase in network traffic, longer links to the cloud, to greater use of SaaS applications, the demands placed on DoD networks often outpace the available capacity, resulting in reduced application performance and crippling latency.

To compound these issues, public sector networks and applications have been leveraging encrypted network communications and as a result, DoD agencies have seen 80-90% of its network traffic move to SSL/TLS protocols.

In the past, to optimize and accelerate this traffic, IT Teams had to share or create proxies of hundreds of SSL certificates and keys, a laborious process which also led to the perception that this process increased network security risks. The result was often an unwillingness to optimize and accelerate SSL traffic and simply throw more bandwidth at the agency’s problems.

Please join Don Cartrette – VP of Sales, NTS and Marlin McFate – CTO, Riverbed for an educational webinar as they discuss the path that DoD and other public sector agencies can now take to unlock desperately needed capacity by optimizing and accelerating SSL/TLS traffic, while maintaining an encrypted network environment with Riverbed’s new SSL Client.

In this webinar, you’ll be given the opportunity to hear from these experts and gain a firm understanding of:

  • The use case and history behind SSL/TLS and it’s increasing demand on DoD networks
  • An overview of the Riverbed SSL Client and how it simplifies the authentication process of optimizing and accelerating SSL/TLS traffic
  • How NTS and Riverbed are providing control to users to eliminate network vulnerabilities to speed up mission-critical communications and applications


Don Cartrette
VP of Sales
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Marlin McFate
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Bob Ackerman
Editor in Chief
SIGNAL Magazine
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