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History of digital PCR: (r)evolution in genetic testing & analysis


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The commercialization of digital PCR platforms sparked a revolution in nucleic acid quantification over the past decade, shaking up the world of traditional end-point or real-time quantitative PCR. The power of digital PCR lays in the combination of limiting dilution, microfluidics, massive parallelization of individual nanoliter-scaled PCR reactions and absolute quantification via a binary readout.

In the first part of this webcast, the speaker will explain the principles behind this technology, reconstruct the historic path of this field and highlight key advantages over qPCR.

In the second part, he will discuss current major dPCR platforms, shed light on their advantages and explore the array of possible applications, including a 3-color target multiplex HIV quantification assay using the Naica™ System. The talk will be concluded with briefly pinpointing future directions of this promising new field of nucleic acid quantification and genetic analysis.

During the webcast you will learn about:

  • Digital PCR and how it works
  • Possible applications of digital PCR
  • The challenges and future directions of digital PCR platforms 

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Dr. Wim Trypsteen
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ghent University
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