Presented by: Barney Brown, Commercial Director at WorkCast

In today’s clustered online marketplace there has never been a more pressing time to focus on brand, and brandability. Your brand is the most important asset your company has and often one of the easiest ways you have to set yourself apart from the crowd. Or at least, it should be.

Your Brand, Your Way addresses how best to maintain your brand when running online events as well as offering tips for raising brand awareness. The aim of this 30 minute webinar is to give you the tools to get the best use out of your branding and stand out from the rest of the online marketing crowd.

It will be packed with useful information like:

  • Why your online event platform might be working against you
  • The importance of brand in online communications
  • How to get the best branding experience

As well as a Q&A session which gives you the chance to address any queries you have.

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