Process Safety Awareness Webinar

24th September 2020 @ 3:00pm GMT

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SSPC in association with the Department of Chemical Sciences at theUniversity of Limerick, is pleased to offer the following process safety awareness webinar:   

Ignition sources in hazardous areas – the dilemma of ‘own ignition sources’  

In the context of ATEX equipment used in hazardous areas, it is a requirement that an item of equipment has its own source of ignition in order to need certification. However, for non-electrical items of equipment it is often not clear if they have their own source of ignition and require ATEX certification. In this webinar, Keith Plumb explores the circumstances where non-electrical items of equipment can have their own potential source of ignition and offers guidance on how to address the dilemma this can pose in terms of ATEX certification.  


Eur Ing Keith Plumb
Director of Integral Pharma Services Ltd
Integral Pharma Services Ltd
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