Real Talk About AI to Solve Real World Problems

Wednesday, September 30 at 1 PM EDT

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The Bright Apps LLC CEO presents real talk about AI and how they have helped businesses solve problems, free up manpower, and reduce costs with AI digital assistants. Understanding the strengths and limitations of AI creates better consumers of this current and next-generation technology revolutionizing surprising areas of our lives.

There is no question that AI will play a role in most technologies going forward from today. In fact, if you intend to compete in the future, AI must be part of your playbook. However, most people when they think of AI they think of general AI. General AI intelligence of a machine that has the capacity to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can. This may be the AI of the future but not today. Today we are capable of narrow AI or AI to handle specific tasks. Wielding narrow AI takes a realistic view and approach to successful elegant AI solutions.

Bright Apps expertise lead to the creation of the Azoth AI tool kit. The Azoth AI Cloud is a combination of Advanced Data Loading and Manipulation tools, neural networks, computer vision and real time dashboards. The tool kit is a Quantum enhanced set of AI algorithms, operating both in the cloud and at the tactical edge, providing real time visualization and augmented decision making for today’s modern warfighter. Come discuss how Bright Apps has used this technology to solve real world problems.


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