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Holistic workflow solutions to target, purify and characterize glycoprotein profiles


With a profound impact on critical components of the therapeutic profile, glycosylation is one of the most regulated aspects of protein production. Glycoform variability can significantly affect the safety and efficacy of therapeutic proteins, and reliable characterization of glycan profiles poses a serious challenge to small-scale researchers and biopharmaceutical manufacturers alike. We present a comprehensive overview of glycosylation workflows and analytical tools designed to help preserve protein quality from culture through characterization. Beginning with the challenge of increasing cell growth rate and titer production while controlling glycan profile, we discuss the hurdles to bioprocess optimization and highlight the technological advantages of different methodologies for each phase of your workflow. Novel workflows will be presented that enable precise identification, resolution, and quantitation of glycoforms, providing practical solutions for your unique bioproduction challenges. 

In this webcast you will learn: 

  • How to preferentially shunt glycan profiles during growth phase through use of precision cell culture feeds.
  • Glycoprotein purification considerations, including selectivity and protein yield.
  • The steps to successfully navigate analytical challenges posed by glycan separation via size, shape, and charge.
  • Strategies towards intact glycoprotein, labelled glycan, and free glycan analyses with analytical methodologies, including:
    • Capillary electrophoresis-based quantitation system capable of 96-sample analysis in 7-9 hours
    • “Tribrid” technology platform-based mass spectrometry 

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers, live during the broadcast!

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Fraser McLeod
Vice President, Protein Purification and Chromatography Business Development
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Ryan Boniface
Scientist III, Cell Biology, Bioproduction Research & Development
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Eric E. Niederkofler, PhD
R&D/Site Manager, MSIA Initiative, LCD/LHC – Affinity Consumables
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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