Webinar: XML and Content Management: Modernizing Your Agency’s Digital Content

Originally Aired August 1, 2019

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Unstructured content and data creates limitations for military and civilian agencies. Without clear insight in what content exists and where it resides, it is difficult for government to access critical data and provide that information to employees and citizens in times of need. As the DoD is the largest employer in the U.S., with employees and families in every state and dozens of countries all over the world, communication is essential to success.

During this webinar, you will learn how better managing your content though XML Documentation can set the stage for content reuse, sharing and discoverability, multichannel delivery, and successful service delivery to your employees, and civilian and military audience.

We will discuss:
  • What is the difference between unstructured and structured managed content
  • What are the content and data challenges facing government and theprivate sector
  • How do structured authoring standards in XML improve content and data accessibility and use
  • How does Adobe Experience Manager use XML Documentation to unify content
  • Where have agencies and businesses been successful in modernizing digital content management


Chad Dybdahl
Adobe Solutions Consultant
Adobe Systems
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Bob Ackerman
Editor in Chief
SIGNAL Magazine
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