Simplifying Multi-Cloud Security

Originally Aired May 5, 2021

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Winning in the digital age requires the DoD to continue to focus on cloud computing. Cloud is at the forefront of modern applications that will allow the DoD to share information between branches and make decisions at the speed of relevance. Edge computing, remote work, and machine learning continue to drive cloud adoption. The reality of cloud computing for the DoD is a multi-cloud approach.

The DoD requires more than just compliance and audit frameworks. To efficiently secure enterprise multi-cloud deployments, true visibility and continuous security enforcement are required. Modern approaches such as infrastructure as code (IaC) can aid in these efforts. To add complexity, recruiting and retaining cloud and cyber talent is a major challenge that could stand in the way of winning in the digital age.

This discussion will address ongoing efforts within the DoD, the importance of automation, how visibility into multi-cloud environments increases cybersecurity capabilities, and the benefits of optimized cloud access.


Drew Epperson
Senior Director, Federal Engineering
Palo Alto Networks
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Travis Methvin
Program Manager
Navy Commercial Cloud Services (NCCS)
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Sandeep Shilawat
Vice President, Cloud and Edge Computing, Innovation and Capabilities Office
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Dean Lee
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Bob Ackerman
Editor in Chief
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