Using Simulation to Drive Advances in
Mechanical Materials Testing Webinar

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Material models in the simulations that we run need to be populated with reliable material data. However, if unavailable, obtaining the mechanical material properties of metals (plasticity parameters, for example) using conventional mechanical testing equipment can be cumbersome, expensive and time consuming. A new method, developed by scientists from the University of Cambridge, has recently emerged as an alternative. Termed indentation plastometry, the method is simpler, quicker and cheaper than conventional mechanical testing methods; for instance, metal stress-strain curves can be obtained in just a few minutes using small samples with minimal preparation.

In this webinar, James Dean, a principal consultant at Double Precision Consultancy, will review the underlying methodology and will cover how they used the power of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software, cloud computing, machine learning and COMSOL Compiler™ to support the development and release of a commercially available indentation plastometer for their client, Plastometrex. James will also perform a live demonstration of the indentation plastometer software in operation.

This webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.

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Dr James Dean
Principal Consultant
Double Precision Consultancy
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Andrew Young
Technical Manager
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