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Accelerating therapeutic antibody discovery with fully human antibody mice

What a streamlined antibody discovery platform looks like

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Production of fully human antibody is a critical step in the antibody discovery process. In many cases, hybridoma with genetically modified animals or post-optimization humanization are often employed to generate humanized antibodies.

Amid the laborious procedures, some major challenges are compromised immune response of the animal models and insufficient diversity of the antibody repertoire.

To address these issues, Biocytogen has utilized chromosome engineering to generate mouse models that can rapidly produce fully human antibodies. Biocytogen’s chromosome engineering technology allows the in situ replacement of the entire mouse immunoglobin (Ig) heavy chain region (VDJ) and mouse kappa light chain VJ regions with the full human counterparts.

This mouse model has been shown to have a similar immune response to the wildtype strain as it carries the full human antibody repertoire. In conjunction with the unique in vivo ranking workflow using humanized mice models, Biocytogen has developed a streamlined antibody discovery process that could take a drug candidate to clinical trials several months ahead of schedule.

This webcast will answer:

  • How do fully human antibody mice accelerate therapeutic antibody discovery?
  • What’s the advantage of Bicoytogen’s fully human antibody platform over conventional human antibody production processes?
  • What’s the most efficient way to save your time to take an antibody drug candidate to clinical trials? 
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Dr. Benny Yang
Chief Scientific Officer & Director of Antibody Discovery
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Sarah Hiddleston
Nature Middle East
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