2nd ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium "Metals in Biology"

8 July 2020, 3-5 PM CET (UTC+2)

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The ChemBioChem editorial team is proud to host the 2nd ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium "Metals in Biology"! Please join us and our three speakers Gilles Gasser (Chimie ParisTech), Seth Cohen (UC San Diego), and Marie Heffern (UC Davis) for this event.


Gilles Gasser
Chimie ParisTech
"Selective Delivery of Ruthenium-based Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy"
Seth Cohen
UC San Diego
"The Development of Metal-Binding Isosteres for Fragment-Based Drug Discovery"
Marie Heffern
UC Davis
"Untangling the Extracellular Bioinorganic Space and its Implications in Health"