The opportunities of off-price fashion



Brands have come to see excess stock as a necessary evil. From Prada to Primark, every brand knows it is an inevitable part of selling fashion: no matter how effective your predictive technologies or trend-forecasting know-how, excess stock is still viewed as a problem that will always be there.

There is another way to look at it, however. Although it is undeniable that too much excess stock suggests something might be awry, some brands are starting to see excess in a different light. Rather than an inconvenient problem to be managed in the best way possible, it could be viewed as an opportunity and as a sign of a healthy business.

In this report, we take a look at off-price fashion and explore the opportunities it holds for retailers and brands. We investigate how it is another revenue stream, how it supports the whole cycle of fashion retail, and its role in removing unsold stock from core markets. Plus, we look into why it is a powerful way to enter new markets.


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