Emergency flow improvement tool – identifying patient flow issues in your trust

Friday 20 October 2017, 12.30-1.30pm 

A webinar focusing on our new emergency flow improvement tool - an intuitive data visualisation tool that gives NHS providers extensive information on patient flow through their emergency departments and beyond.

Tune in to to hear how the tool can help you identify the particular points in your system that may be slowing patient flow between arrival and discharge, and where to target improvement efforts for better patient flow.

Richard Wilson, Director of Quality Intelligence and Insight, and Tom Nicholas, Senior Improvement Analyst, will:
  • explain the background of the tool – why it was developed and how 150 staff from 30 acute providers worked with us to trial and improve it
  • demonstrate how to use the tool to explore where pinch points and blocks are occurring in your hospital
  • show how statistical process charts (SPCs) can help you target attention and resources more intelligently
  • host a discussion and take questions on the tool

More information on the tool is available here on our website.
Richard Wilson
Director of Quality Intelligence and Insight
NHS Improvement
Tom Nicholas
Senior Improvement Analyst
NHS Improvement

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