Fires, Quality, Compliance and Regulations: Improving the future of fire safety for commercial buildings

Available on demand, first broadcast - Thursday 23rd April: 11am - 12noon 

Over the past couple of years the regulations and legislation that governs how we design and construct buildings has come under close scrutiny. Whilst there is an industrywide acknowledgement that the sector needs to improve and change, there is confusion about guidance, how this will be managed and how to take this forward.

Gaps in understanding, compliance and execution have resulted in a series of devastating – and in some cases fatal – fires, and there is real pressure to improve how we deliver our buildings. The question is, when it comes to fire safety, what will it take to get our house in order without resorting to legislation? 

This webinar will consider: -

  • Where does industry need to go to ensure our buildings are resilient?
  • Is there enough clarity on functional requirements of Building Regulations?
  • Does regulatory guidance drive a focus on achieving compliance rather than fire safety?
  • Are we focussing on minimum compliance rather than creating buildings that achieve the desired outcomes for clients?
Speaker: Iain Cox
Chief Executive
Business Sprinkler Alliance
Speaker: Tom Roche
Senior Consultant
FM Global
Speaker: Russell Cole
Leader UK Façade Engineering
Speaker: Matt Clare
Executive Director
Chair: Chloe McCulloch

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