Leadership: challenge your understanding of how privilege and bias affects your mind-set and actions?

Tuesday 12 February, 12.30-1.30pm

A webinar for aspiring leaders to help to develop a stronger leadership presence. The webinar will explore ideas and techniques for raising awareness both from a personal and professional viewpoint, about how privilege and bias impacts on ourselves and others.

The second in a series of webinars for aspiring leaders to help us prepare and apply for leadership positions and develop a stronger leadership presence. The webinar will consider ideas, tools and tips for challenging our own and others privilege and bias.  Greater understanding of how we can all take positive steps to making fairer judgements. To create opportunities for advocacy and Inquiry.

The webinar aims to

  • Develop understanding of the impact of privilege and bias on ourselves and our lives
  • Provide a space for creative thinking and discussion about taking positive action
  • Support our knowledge and understanding of what makes us who we are and the power of language and communications
  • Explore opportunities for making conscious, fairer judgements

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