Bringing order to the chaos: the benefits of email management tools

Wednesday, 25th September 2019
12 - 1pm


For most people email is the default way of day to day communication. This means that the vast bulk of crucial project information is buried in emails inside multiple, unconnected inboxes. This makes getting visibility of all the information contained in emails against one project is a major challenge.

The result is people waste valuable time hunting down emails when they could be focussing on productive work with the potential to hold up whole project teams. This webinar will demonstrate how Mail Manager, a tool developed by Arup can bring order to this chaos.

Topics under discussion include:

  • The benefits of filing and storing emails in one place and the ability to share these with the whole project team
  • Intelligent filing – how Mail Manager learns filing behaviours and prompts users to file to suggested locations


  • Automated removal of duplicate emails across a business
  • The benefits of being able to search 1 million emails in less than 2 seconds

Speaker: Jacob Wardrop
Sales Director
EMEA, 28Hands
Speaker: Nick Ioannou
Head of IT
Ratcliffe Groves Partnership
Speaker: Dave Barber
Senior Technician Engineer & IT Manager
Mason Clark Associates

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