A broad overview of tips for writing and navigating the publication process

Thursday 29th March 2018 19.30pm - 21.00pm China Standard Time

We are pleased to host this webinar on tips for writing and navigating the publication process, presented by Jael Pareles.

This webinar will cover:  

  • The current state of scholarly publishing
  • Writing a manuscript
  • Tips for each section of a manuscript
  • Getting published
  • Choosing a journal
  • Authorship
  • Cover letter
  • Rejection
Presenter: Jael Pareles

Jael Pareles is an Academic Editor. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin and his Master of Arts in Technical Communication at Texas State University. Jael has been editing since 2014 and supports areas of study in the hard sciences, computer science / robotics, and occasionally in education and English.

Jael Perales
Academic Editor
Research Square
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