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Become a Leader in Virtual Health

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 1 PM - 2 PM EST 

Learn how health systems are empowering clinicians and care teams to collaborate and design digital experiences using the only integrated AI platform for:

  • Virtual Health Enablement - Simulate an in-person visit to help transactional elements that drive pre-care to post-care workflow for your health system
  • Virtual Rounding - Manage patient populations at bedside or at home and reduce abandonment rates through the AI bot feature
  • Virtual Team Collaboration - Reach 100% compliance for interoperability and ADT Compliance in the context of CMS for major patient events
  • Virtual Community Collaboration - Share patient clinical context from the EHR to other care teams (internal or external), while having peace of mind that information is secure and supported by AI bot technologies

During the webinar, Microsoft Teams leading subject matter expert Srini Surendranath, Worldwide Customer Lead, Office for Health, will share his insights on how to leverage AI to accelerate care collaboration. Listen to his perspective on how Microsoft’s technology can help enable effective communication.

Hear from Joshua G. Briscoe, MD, FACEP Emergency Medicine Physician and ThinkAndor™ User on his experience using the technology to shape the development and evolution of Andor Health’s innovative mobile care team collaboration and communication solutions to help reduce clinician burnout, streamline operational efficiency and improve patient health outcomes.

Hear from Andor Health’s Chief Growth Officer, Noel Khirsukhani, who will discuss why health care institutions have chosen the Microsoft Teams and Andor Health partnership to power their virtual health operations.  Learn what healthcare institutions can expect from leveraging the ThinkAndor™ application and why health care institutions have chosen the partnership.   


Joshua Briscoe, MD, FACEP
Emergency Medicine Physician and ThinkAndor™ User
Andor Health
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Noel Khirsukhani
Chief Growth Officer
Andor Health
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Srini Surendranath
Worldwide Customer Lead, Office for Health
Microsoft Office
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