Proactive Brand Health Tracking: Your Secret Weapon


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Gartner’s recent 2020 CMO Spend Survey revealed that 33% of chief marketing officers cited brand strategy as their most important concern and ranked brand health as the most important metric to track. And that makes sense because you can’t know how to improve your brand if you don’t know where you stand to begin with.

Insights on the state of your brand’s health is a must-have part of your metrics arsenal if you want to identify potential problems, keep your current customers happy, and grow market share.

Join GutCheck to learn the benefits of tracking your brand's health and how to successfully execute these types of studies.

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1. The benefits of regularly tracking your brand's health
2. How to execute brand health trackers using agile principles

3. Tips for making your own brand health tracker successful

4. What you can expect from a well-run brand tracking program


Kim Auslen
Senior Research Analyst
Dan Pitman
Manager, Client Services